Trailermen compose contemporary music for TV, film, interactive media, trailers and commercials. We deliver sophisticated scores with exceptional production values, blending acoustic arrangements and orchestrations with contemporary and electronic components. Our new dedicated production music company Evolving Sound (launching early 2017) features dramatic music for Trailers, Film, Games and TV, from some of the industry's best composers.


Trailermen music is currently being aired on hundreds of shows, commercials and trails on UK, US and other foreign networks, from entertainment to kids to documentary.

UK TV Composer Jules Bromley

Our dedicated new trailer music production company Evolving Sound ( launches early 2017, delivering dramatic audio for Trailers, Games, Film & TV from some of the best composers in the industry.

TV Music Composer

Life-long gamers, at Trailermen we understand the demands of scores for interactive media across various platforms, from mobile to desktop. We can deliver the diversity of tone, style and mood that modern gaming requires.

Trailermen Games Composers

Trailermen music is a regular fixture on commercials, trails and promos around the world. We’re able to pitch on a wide range of projects, and can deliver a wide variety of styles suitable for the 30 second format.

Music for TV Commercials
Film & Trailers
Games & Interactive
Commercial & Promos

Trailermen's new production music venture Evolving Sound (launching early 2017) delivers dramatic audio for Trailers, Film, Games and TV, via a porpietary online licensing system.  In addition, Trailermen have substantial Production Music (library music) catalogues with a number of leading UK library music publishers. Production music (including many of the tracks on our showreel) is available for immediate licensing through the MCPS and the companies shown to the right and their overseas agents (search catalogues for Jules Bromley, Alf Alpha or Tyler Hansen).


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Production music and Library msuic
Library Music
TV Composer of Library Music
TV Composer
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About bloody time!
Second Evolving Sound teaser video: #ComingSoon
Very excited about new venture 'Evolving Sound' (launches early 2017). Some great compsoers on board, web now live

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