Although now dedicated to music for picture, Trailermen began life in 1995 as a West London dance music collective and remix moniker. They garnered support from many of the world's most influential DJ's and artists for their progressive approach to dance music, combining experimental electronic production with the extensive involvement of jazz and funk musicians. Over time, this combination of electronic and acoustic elements has become a signature of their work. Now based in South Manchester, the Trailermen ethos continues through their new trailer music company Evolving Sound (launching early 2017) which delivers dramatic music for trailers, film, Games and TV from some of the best composers around.

Trailermen TV Composer

The TrailerMen Story: 1995-1997

Trailermen is launched in West London, producers Jules Bromley and Eric Lawson mixing dance production values with London's hottest funk and jazz session musicians, and serving up some of the freshest 'Nu House' tunes around. Early Trailermen tracks garner praise from MixMag, DJ Magazine, The Face and Record Mirror, as well as heavy rotations from trendsetting DJ's Masters at Work, Dimitri from Paris, Deep Dish and David Morales. The Trailermen 'Nu House' sound of real musicianship over club-friendly grooves gathers momentum and more releases follow.

Music for TV - Trailermen

The TrailerMen Story: 1998-2000

Trailermen material is licensed by Resolution, Filter and One records; the word spreads, and they are spotted for remix duties. Trailermen become Texas' remixer of choice, with Bran Van 3000, Ultimate Kaos, Touch and Go, Vast, David Arnold and David McAlmont among the other artists getting the distinctive Trailermen treatment. Radio 1 and Kiss begin to feature Trailermen mixes, and material is used in the Ben Affleck/Sandra Bullock movie 'Forces of Nature'. Jules scores the IVCA Gold Award winning short film 'Inclusion' and combines remix work with DJ'ing in the UK and Europe, and occasional TV work.

TV Composers

The TrailerMen Story: 2001-2005

Dance production, DJ and remixing work continues, along with a new record deal to V2 Records for side-project Columbo (with writing partner Rajan Datar). Bigbeat laden early Columbo material is a fixture on Radio 1 with ,line-dancing, Lionel Blair-featuring video hitting the charts and gracing MTV and small screens around the country. Media music becomes the principal focus for Jules and the Trailermen brand, writing and producing with a variety of partners and musicians. Trailermen relocates to a new studio in South Manchester.

Trailermen TV Music Clients

The TrailerMen Story: 2006-Present

The Trailermen sound gathers popularity in media circles. Scores which combine live musicians with modern and electronic components resonate with directors and producers and earn commissions ranging from documentary content for Discovery to commercial scoring for Ogilvy. Jules writes regularly for Universal Production Music and Trailermen music becomes a fixture on countless popular shows across hundreds of TV networks.  In early 2017 spinoff Trailer-Music company Evolving Sound is launched, offering dramatic content for Trailers, Film, Games & TV from some of the industry's best composers.

Documentary Composer

Jules is one of the UK's leading media composers and has focused on TV music for the last 18 years.  His work is a regular fixture on the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Sky, Discovery and a host of other broadcasters.  His early musical career was spent as a dance producer and remixer, working with the likes of Texas, David Arnold, Bran Van 3000, Touch & Go, Ultimate Kaos, and V.A.S.T, and writing with artists Linda Clifford, Dimitri from Paris, Alexis Strum, Blue from Basement Jaxx and Stephane Moraille.  This experience lends his TV work a uniquely diverse set of musical influences, ensuring his electronic arrangements are as powerful and effective as his scores for live orchestra or other acoustic ensembles. He is founder of Evolving Sound (launching 2017), a brand new production music company delivering dramatic music for Trailers, Film, Games & TV from some of the industry's best composers.

Member of

Performing Rights Society (PRS)
British Academy of Songwriters Composers and Authors (BASCA)
National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS)
Screened Music Network
Audio Engineering Society (AES)

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