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Trailermen has had the good fortune to work for and with some of the best known agencies, broadcasters, publishers and music providers in the industry. Explore this map to view a selection of clients and music usage across the globe.

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Universal Music Discovery Channel Big Screen Music UK Furnace TV UK Ginger Ink TV Mercury Music UK Ogilvy UK Warner Music UK

"Never fails to impress or surprise"

"There are certain people you turn to when you need a great track, Jules is one of those writers. Never fails to impress or surprise me."

Duncan Schwier
General Manager, Universal Music Publishing

"One of the most intelligent writing forces out there ..."

"One of the most intelligent writing forces out there. Jules is a pleasure to work with, combining raw originality with a wealth of recording experience that makes the listener come back wanting more. He's also a top guy, what more can I say!"

Roberto Borzoni
Creative Director,
Warner Music Group

"... uparalleled creative flair and attention to detail."

"Jules is a true master of his craft. It's always exciting to hear his response to a brief and his work has unparalleled creative flair and attention to detail. His production skills are always first class and he approaches every job with impeccable professionalism. He is a delight to work with."

Olivia Dixon
Big Screen Music Production

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About bloody time!
Second Evolving Sound teaser video: #ComingSoon
Very excited about new venture 'Evolving Sound' (launches early 2017). Some great compsoers on board, web now live
Great new score for 'Snowden' by Craig Armstrong/Adam Peters (trailer composer & writer of the superb Savages score)
A fascinating article on my favourite film of all time and its music; Alan Parker's 'Angel Heart' still astonishes
Apple reveals iPhone 7 headphones to be inserted anally
How Hollywood's temp scores are hurting your favorite action movies
Good to see #ColdFeet back on the box (tonight). Managed to get some music on the last series so fingers crossed...
The 15 best-selling movie soundtracks of all time. No big shocks but nice to see The Big Chill and Purple Rain
The future of trailers...? IBM Watson creates the first AI-made film trailer – and it's incredibly creepy
Haven't seen the movie yet, but Michael Giacchino's score for Star Trek Beyond is stunning.
Tour de France on Grand Colombier today. Totally awesome and nice to see Chris Froome riding instead of running up!

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